Artist Statement

photo b&w

There are unseen forces all around us, ancestors, spirits, energies of the natural world, and the animal and plant beings we share this earth with. The creative process helps me to focus my awareness on these quiet, powerful Natural Forces. And what we choose to focus our energy on-we feed.

In my work,  I will often incorporate elemental materials; such as wood, charcoal, ash, metal,  beeswax, and stone, for the charge these materials carry of earth, fire, air, and water.

I am drawn to using the human figure in my art and I often distill the body down to a symbolic form on which to map emotions and experiences. I am seeking to bring into focus our shared state of existence in both a physical and spiritual realm.

I create art to stir memories deep within myself and the viewer; memories of connection to remind us we are not separate from the earth, the sea, or the animals and plants around us. We are not separate from each other.